Artist: Leona McEwan


I am a fibre and textile artist specializing in one of a kind, hand woven, exquisitely crafted wall art.  I love creating playful tapestries and whimsical wall hangings that are inspired by Mother Nature, personal experiences, people, places and all things beautiful.  I combine my love of colour, texture, shape and balance to create unique wall art for the home, office, business or cottage.  I am always exploring and incorporating a variety of natural fibres, yarn and natural materials that are lovingly woven together to tell a story, share a memory or invoke an emotion that inspires you to smile and appreciate all the beauty and goodness in this tapestry of life. 

My story began back when I was just a teenager studying art at my local high school.  I played around with various fibres and yarns while weaving on an old bicycle wheel and a larger tapestry loom. I created a few of what I considered to be “cool” pieces of art. I was hooked.

 My post secondary education lead me to university and down the path to be a teacher, guidance counsellor, vice-principal, principal and finally a Student Achievement Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Education. While living in Thunder Bay, which is nestled in Northwestern Ontario on the shores of Lake Superior, my husband Bill and I raised two wonderful, successful sons. They both now live in beautiful parts of the world.  Our life continues to pleasantly unfold.  I retired after a fruitful thirty five years in education and sat on my front porch with a glass of wine and wondered what was next for me and what would my future hold.   My love of reading and writing inspired me to write my first children’s book called “Where’s Raven?” and I am currently writing a chapter book entitled, “The Potato Sack and other Amusing Stories told from the Top Bunk”.  I have always been a storyteller and I think I have a knack for weaving words together. However, my comfortable medium of expression was about to take a sudden twist and turn.   During that same time, I received a fascinating photograph from our youngest son who was camping on a mountain side in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.   Upon looking at it, I was mesmerized and instantly saw the photo as a wall hanging full of rich, earthy colours, textures and fibres.   I thought to myself that I could weave this picture into a beautiful story. I sent my husband running to the garage to retrieve my tapestry loom and I started weaving again and have not looked back since.  

I have always believed in being a lifelong learner and an avid storyteller. Now my energies and passion are devoted to mastering my craft, honing my weaving skills and techniques, while stretching my creative imagination.  I have had the privilege of telling other people’s stories through my tapestries and suddenly Bee Weave Creations was born!