Artist: Jason Levi

I was born in Italy and came to the United States at a very young age with my parents where I was raised and educated in New York City, Manhattan to be precise. I graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelor of Science and St. John's University Law School with a J.D.

My photographs have been exhibited at the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio and at the Louvre Museum, Paris, France, as well as galleries in Barcelona,Rome and Florence,Italy. Locally, I have exhibited at the Chandler Art Center in Chandler, Arizona, the West Valley Art Gallery, Surprise, Arizon, WHAM Art Gallery in Surprise, Arizona, Hollande Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona and El Pedregal Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona and Red Room Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada where I won First Place in Photography Category at Las Vegas International Juried Art Competition.

Jason Levi

Jason Levi

I am a Juried Member of the Arizona Art Alliance and the Sonoran Arts League.

In addition I did commercial photography in Europe for FIAT, MARTINI & ROSSI, GRISINI, MORTIZ BEER, and others. A friend, Salvador Dali, asked me to do a portrait of him and it was titled "Dali by Dali" because it was a surrealistic image of the great painter. When he passed away the portrait was on his nightstand.

At the time I used the name Abel Miranda for my artistic work which is a combination of my original first name and my middle name. Now you know what the M. stands for.

I have always aspired to approach photography from Ansel Adams' point of view: "A good photographer is one who can take a common object and rendered it uncommon."

Another aspect of my work was portrait photography. I was one of the earliest photographers in Europe to use the Rembrandt lighting in my portraits so that the photographs appeared as oil paintings. This was highly successful and I was the portrait photographer for the Spanish Royals, The Duke and Duchess of Cadiz, and their family in Madrid. My work appears in Best of Photography 2015 and Best of Photography 2016.

The Gallery Section is renewed periodically so please come back and see the new images. The Portrait Photography Section contains samples of my portraiture work. My portraits are taken at the home or office of the client(s) because I want them to feel at ease in familier surroundings, as well including elements in the image that disclose something of the subject's personality.