Artist: Ingrid Draminsky


Ingrid Draminsky

Ingrid Draminsky

 I am a painter from Sweden. This year marks my 31th anniversary as an artist. I have painted and exhibited since the mid 70's but I have had different jobs to supply me up to 1986 when I geared my focused entirely on painting.

A period in the 90s, I worked with wall paintings and murals, by commission. I've been commissioned to work on both public buildings, and many private companies.   Since the late 90s, I've gone back to painting on canvas again.

My images are mostly depictions of people and their emotions. More or less abstract and symbolic often with bright colors. I also use mixed media and I sculpt, mostly in papier maché. I exhibits my work regularly in various galleries throughout Sweden.

I am also a teacher in watercolor, mono printing with Gelli Plate, acrylic painting and mixed media. Teaching is so much fun.  I think that you have no other use for knowlege other than to share it.

I am a juried member of KRO, International Association of Art.


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