Mystical Southwest - Meet the Artist Opening Reception
5:00 PM17:00

Mystical Southwest - Meet the Artist Opening Reception

Artists Yvette St. Amant and Robyn McClendon collaborate their painting techniques in this two person exhibit projecting the Mystical Southwest.

Artist Statement

Ancient calendars, mythology and astrology were integrated into a single system of belief. The skies were used to predict solar and lunar movements, the cycles of the planets, and the movements of the constellations.  The animals that moved and survived upon the earth were intrinsically connected to this heavenly movement. These occurrences were far more than mere mechanical apparitions  and were believed to be the activities of gods replaying mythical events from the time of Creation.   

The Mystical South West embodies through visual dialogues the beauty of this cosmology we refer to as Earth, the living body that we tread upon and derive the very essence of our nature. Both Artists used the unspoken movement of their brushes along the canvas surface, many times working together simultaneous, to express the forgotten language of  animals and plants who instinctively dance to the wonderment of the cosmology and are there as simple reminders of our own true mythology.

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