“Global Echo” - Art Competition

Deadline - April 20th, 2018

AG is featuring their first online art competition.  Since AG is a global art organization supporting artists from several different countries, we felt this competition suitable in representing a dynamic collection of global art.  “Global Echo” is open to all artist from around the world in any medium.  Submitted artwork should represent the influence of your geographic, ethnic, or spiritual surroundings.  We want to showcase how art is reflected through the eyes of artists from various countries.  We welcome art in 2D and 3D which can be in the form of realism, abstract, or non-objective.  Show us how your art is a representation of who you are, and how it is influenced by your surrounding environment.


CALL FOr Artists - Scottsdale exhibit June 2018

AG is hosting our first juried exhibitions at The Art Department Gallery located in premier Scottsdale, AZ.  This is an open call for all artists locally and internationally in 2 D works, select 3D artwork will be reserved for AG members.  Artists are welcome to submit artwork now for our upcoming exhibition.  We look forward to showcasing our members artwork.



Deadline for submissions November 30th 2017.

If you are not a member and you would like to be featured, sign up here

OPEN CALL FOR ARTISANS - January Guildzine Feature

Want to be featured in our next issues of Guildzine?  We are already working on our second edition of our magazine  which will be published and release for sale on Amazon and our Website in January.  This will be a larger format book featuring our members in their workspaces.  If you are a member of our guild simply fill out the form below and submit your free application.  Send good quality photos (in focus & visible clear) to  Some samples of these photos are: your studio or workspace, you in your workspace working, images of your work in progress and completed, how you store your supplies, you with your artwork or an gallery exhibiting your work, you teaching.  Please send between 15-25 images for us to choose from.  This will be a full 2-4 page spread of each artist.  Contact us if you have any questions.