Our ARTISANS GUILD was Founded by Yvette St Amant and Co-Founder Robyn McClendon to be a hub of Inspiration for Creatives and a Resource of skilled techniques to revive Artisanal Arts.  Our mission is to assist artisans in becoming successfully recognized within the global market helping them gain worldwide recognition as professional artists.  

We believe in supporting each other by working in collaboration and become recognized as an organization who have creative artisans best interest to achieve something great. Artists and Creatives have skill sets that have been developed through years of performing in their crafts and those years of experience are unmatched. The Old World Guild systems allows for this knowledge to be passed along through our destination workshops,  enables our members to gather together in various locations around the world to work along side our founders and guest members to learn trades and the seamless passing along of craftsmanship at its highest levels.  We also focus on providing online courses, meet ups and journal nights, exhibitions, online portfolios, and our incredibly vibrant and informative publication called Guildzine.  

Our ARTISANS GUILD addresses the rising costs of education that doesn’t allow for so many of our aspiring youth to attend higher education with out the staggering debts that result from student loans.  Our guild believes that the best way to learn the Arts & Crafts is by hands on experience, our programs are developed to facilitate this Guild School process.  Our Guild interfaces with Creatives in the global community to bring Artisans and Artisanal Products together for the advancement of the Guild system.


Yvette is a world renowned published artists, living and exhibiting as a juried status member in the state of Arizona.  Her expertise is acrylic on canvas, however her experience in arts extends to drawing, photography, graphics, and a master at composition and basic design skills.  Her work can be purchased across the globe in Retail, Galleries, and online Art Stores.  She regularly exhibits locally in artist exhibitions and featured gallery space.  Her work is on permanent rotation at The Art Department Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona, since 2008.

Yvette Studied Fine Arts at Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada, and graduated with a Bachelor Degree Majoring in Fine Arts.  Yvette understands the hardship of an artist fresh out of an educational platform without the knowledge of how to pursue her artistic ability.  Having to work endlessly, and struggling to get recognized as a working artist because of the lack of support or business education in the higher level of education, pushed her to work toward assisting young inspiring artists.  Her passion towards helping other artists grow and become successful, has driven her in becoming an integral part of several youth art programs.  At a critical time when art education was deems unnecessary in the public school system in British Columbia, Canada, Yvette work with the City Arts and Cultural Centre to implement a mobile art program providing art education classes, lead by professional artist back into the public elementary schools system.  In 2017 she successfully launched a Teen Art Club outreach program with a local non-profit association.  This program brings young at risk teens with a passion for arts together, providing art education, art classes, exhibits, fundraising and volunteering experience, and artist business practice, in preparation for future success in the art industry. Her experience extends to being on the Board of Jurors with the City of Richmond, Canada as a judge and juror for various art competition an exhibits.  This included International Walk to School Day, and working with World Renowned Art Facility Planner, Milenko Matonovic, providing renderings, and coordinating public art projects for the East Richmond Gather Place, a City Community Park and Amphitheatre.

Yvette is currently active in her City’s Community Art and Cultural roundtable discussions, for the future planning of Surprise, Arizona.  She also continues to paint, teach art,  and explore new techniques and art practices.


Robyn is a Nationally know artist living in the Southwest, exhibiting nationally and internationally with exhibitions in the Smithsonian Museums, Corcoran Art Gallery and art in the permanent collections of The MOMA as well as other notable collections.

She is a Master Bookbinder and Papermaker having studied in the tradition of Apprenticing as these were dying art forms in the 80's and only being revived by artists.  She subsequently taught in Universities and Museum systems as an Adjunct Professor, often times setting up the programs in the Art Departments of these Schools nationally, as the discipline of "Book as Art" was becoming recognized as a significant art form.

Her design experience has won notable commissions: these include creating a distinctive award for Dr. Dorothy Irene Height's "Uncommon Height" Project which celebrated those who through their outstanding contributions has contributed to this country's advancement. Previous recipients have been Oprah, Dr. Maya Angelou, Vanessa Williams and Vernon Jordan, to name a few.  Additionally, She has designed for Essence Communications, Ikea, Target, and UNICEF.

Robyn continues to work with individuals to help them create businesses and projects that incorporate their ideas, goals and dreams through personal Authenticity Coaching, Workshops, Seminars and Webinars